Each owner covenants and agrees as follows:
exterior changes Not to make, perform or undertake any changes, alterations, improvements or additions to any part of the roof or exterior of any structure or building situated within the Lands, or to erect a fence or alter the grading of the Lands without the prior written consent of the Committee. Any request by an owner for the consent of the Committee shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by drawings prepared and submitted in triplicate and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, such drawings shall show:

  • the location of buildings, walk, drives, easements, fences, walls, trees, landscaping and architectural features of the subject lands and premises;
  • the exterior elevations and gradings of the subject lands and premises; and
  • all elements of the design, materials, textures, finishes, colours and elevations of the proposed changes, alterations, improvements or additions.
uses No part of the Lands nor any building or buildings erected thereon, shall be used for the purpose of any profession, trade, employment or service, manufacture or business of any description; nor as a hotel, apartment house, rooming house or place of public resort; nor for any purpose other than as a private residence for the use of one household only in each dwelling unit; nor shall anything be done or permitted upon any of the Lands or buildings erected or to be erected thereon which shall be a nuisance to the occupants of any neighbouring lands or buildings.

animals No animals or birds other than household pets normally permitted in private homes in urban residential areas shall be kept upon the Lands. No breeding of pets for sale shall be carried on upon the Lands.

antennae No roof antenna, exterior tower antenna or satellite dish antenna for either radio or television reception or transmission shall be erected on the Lands or any building structure thereon.

vehicules No truck, boat, snowmobile, camper van, trailer, including trailer with living, sleeping or eating accommodation, or any or any other vehicle other than a passenger automobile shall be parked, placed, located, kept or maintained upon any part of the Lands except in the garage of the building.

signs No signs, billboards, notices or other advertising matter of any kind (except the ordinary signs offering the land or buildings thereon for sale or rent) shall be placed on any of the Lands or upon or in any building or on any fence, tree or other structure on the Lands without the consent of the Committee.

clotheslines No clothes lines shall be placed or erected on any part of the Lands. A clothes umbrella may be placed on the Lands.

trees No trees shall be cut down or removed from the Lands without the consent in writing of the Committee.

regulations & bylaws Not to contravene or cause to be contravened by any act or omission any provision of any agreement, restriction or regulation of the Municipality or any other authority having jurisdiction over the Lands pertaining to the grading, drainage, landscaping, use and occupancy of his or her Unit and appurtenances, whether now in effect or hereinafter imposed.

utilities Not to do anything on any part of the Lands or elsewhere which will interfere with or cause damage to any of the Private Utility Services and in the event such damage so caused is corrected by the Committee, to pay all costs in connection therewith.

easements Not to refuse to grant, forthwith upon request and without charge, any easement or right required by any servicing authority for the installation or maintenance of any service approved by the Committee.

modifications to this document Provided always that notwithstanding anything herein contained, the Committee and its successors and assigns shall have power by instrument or instruments in writing from time to time to waive, alter or modify the above covenants and restrictions in their application to any Unit or to any part of the Lands.

validity The invalidity in whole or in part of any of these restrictions shall not affect the validity of the other restrictions or remaining portion of the restrictions herein contained.

owner acknowledgement The Owners acknowledge and agree that Zanini and/or the Committee may register all or any of the restrictions herein contained on title to the Lands, or any part thereof, to the intent that the burden of these restrictions shall run with the Lands and every part thereof for a period of twenty (20) years from the date of execution by both parties of this Maintenance and Committee Structure Agreement and to the intent that the benefit of these restrictive covenants may be annexed to and run with each and every part of the Lands and also each and every part now owned by Zanini throughout the said period. The Owners agree to observe and comply with all of the said stipulations, restrictions and provisions set forth herein.

The Agreement